Road Gear

So I've started my first page with a quick link to all my gear...

I had a few criteria when I made the switch to road riding:

  1. Nothing to expensive
  2. Nothing to fragile
  3. Nothing to fancy
With these in mind I look for quality but without paying over the odds, after all it's not something I can invest heavily in until I know I commit the time to it...

The gear:


Took a long time to choose a bike - my price limit was absolutely £350 and I only wanted a basic well made bike, it had to have Shimanio gears and a decent enough frame, other than that I was pretty open minded. 

I ended up opting for the Carerra TDF Limited Edition from Halfords:

A few things sold this bike for me...

  1. Large enough frame (58cm) you would be surprise d how difficult this was on a cheaper bike
  2. Good gears (aimed more at flat roads, etc - but good for training)
  3. Much lighter than the mountain bike I had been using before
  4. On offer down from £499 to £299
So I decided to do a couple of things... Firstly I ordered it online (to collect in store) - this gained me £20 cashback from Halfords - then I made sure I ordered through QUIDCO - getting a further £18 cash back on the bike reservation.

Total price for the bike - £261 


First thing I did was transfer my pedals and shoes over from my old bike (SPD-SL's and DHB 1's)

If you have never used clip on shoes - I recommend you give them a go - massive improvement in the speed to get for the effort you put in - every movement generates torque - so you can do many more miles without feeling quite as strained.

I bought these from Wiggle - they had a 10% off deal on - excellent - total cost - £72


I had to make sure I was wearing suitable clothes for my rides so I went with the following:

Muddyfox Short Sleeve - Black/Green Jersey
Muddyfox Padded Shorts - Black/Green
Muddyfox Padded Tights - Black/Green
Dare2B WindShell (for the cold evenings)
Helmet (already owned - from halfords)

All the items on the list (minus the helmet) were bought from SportsDirect - they have fast delivery and I highly recommend them... N.B. They do sell via Amazon as well but if you order off here then you pay £3.99 delivery PER PRODUCT rather than the order...

Total cost of all items - £50 approx (prices change dependant on sales, etc)


There are many other items that needed to be bought (especially seen as I wanted to be safe in the winter) - so here are what I have bought:

Spoke-Lites - x 2 - Total £15 (Amazon)
Cat-Eye LED cycle lights - £25 (Amazon)
Top-Peak Saddle Bag - £12 (Amazon)
ETC Water Bottle and Cage x 2 - £15 total (Amazon)
Draper Bike Tool Kit (includes repair kit, multi-tool, levers, mini-pump) - £7 (Amazon)
Top-peak Master Blaster Pump (already owned) - £15 new (Amazon)
Slime - Skabs (fast puncture repair stickers) - £3 (Amazon)
Topeak JoeBlow Pro Floor Bike Pump - £28 (Halfords) - goes up to 160 psi!


So there you have it - all my gear... I will no doubt replace bits, improve the quality over time - I will not be upgrading bits on the bike - other than tires/tubes though - if I need better I will buy a better bike and flog this one...

If you have any thoughts or questions then leave a comment below - or tweet me @jrewillis


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