Friday, 27 December 2013

Pre-new year checks

So over the next few days I will venture out on the bike for the first time in 4 months.

During that time I have done almost nothing to my bike.

So if like me you are being lazy when the dark nights rolled in here's what I will be doing before my first ride:

1. Check and inflate wheels/tyres to 110psi
2. Check brakes and gear cables for wear/fraying
3. Check gears run smoothly/changers are all good
4. Check lights, replace batteries
5. Repack saddle bag
6. Tighten cleats and check pedal tightness
7. Check and tighten handlebars and seat post
8. Grease chain, bearings and any other exposed nuts, bolts etc

Now most of this probably sounds obvious - but for a bike that hasn't been touched for a good few months I recommend it.

Also remember that I carry the following in my saddle pack:
1. Spare tube
2. Tyre levers x 3
3. Puncture repair patches (scabs)
4. Multi-tool
5. Emergency £10 note
6. Space for keys/phone
7. Frame mounted pump/CO2 inflator and canister.

That should cover most events that happen on a ride. If I am in a very isolated location I may also carry a thermal foil blanket just in case.

Everyone has their own opinion of what to carry. I prefer to carry as little as possible but the number one rule of a pack is if you use something - REPLACE it before your next ride.

Until next time.

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