Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Remember to tighten your cleats!

So here's a top tip - I was mid-ride last night and felt my foot slipping all over the shop!

I thought it'll be OK - ride on, and take a look when you get home. The more I rode however the more I seemed to have sideways movement on my shoe.

I ended up stopping as I actually thought there was something wrong with my pedals. Turns out it was the cleats on my shoes coming loose (even though they were tight when I left).

In case you don't know how cleats attach to cycle shoes see below:

The screws had come loose - not fallen out luckily! So I used my multi-tool (who would cycle without one) and tightened them up...

I might add some thread lock onto the screws at a later date if this keeps occurring - so take my advice - always stop if something feels different to normal!

Coming up later this week an article on essential stuff to take EVERY ride out.

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