Saturday, 5 January 2013

Clarke Cycle Trainer (Turbo Trainer)

I decided pretty early on that due to my job and commute distance that I wouldn't be able to ride in evenings much during the winter months.

So I looked into a Turbo trainer. They basically convert your bike into an exercise bike - but with a few advantages:

  1. You use YOUR bike - so it is very similar to road riding for real
  2. You can use YOUR gear (cleats, gears, etc)
  3. You can do as much or as little as you like
So after looking around for a decent trainer at a reasonable price I found the Clarke CCTI Trainer from Machine Mart (link here) - it was on offer *VAT FREE SHOPPING* and it worked out at £56 with my voucher code.

Trainer and front wheel support

Trainer hooked onto my bike
So as you can see there is cable that runs from the magnetic resistance setting to put on your handlebars - to be honest even in my first session I noticed this was useless - it is much better to use the gears to select your resistance.

In terms of positives and negatives I see mainly positives - the only slight negative I have found is noise - this could probably be reduced by using a training tyre (smooth with 0 grip and a softer rubber) - however seen as I intend to change my tires if they wear then so be it.

I will update the blog with regular updates to let you know how my workouts are getting on...

25 mins high resistance turbo trainer - 15 minutes spent in highest gear and going flat out. Once completed refreshed with a banana and plenty of water.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

London to Brighton Bike Ride - Donate now!

Hi there!

Just a quick note that I have set up my JustGiving account for my London-Brighton bike ride in June 2013.

The official registration isn't open yet - but I am aiming to raise £300 minimum and will be cycling along with my friend Neil Temple.

The ride will be completed in memory of several loved ones - including my nan, my girlfriends nan and granddad as well as my friends grandparents. All of who suffered heart related illnesses.

We are training over the next few months and hope to keep you all updated.

Thank you in advance for those who donate online. Remember if you are a UK Tax Payer - select GiftAid when you donate - it gives the tax back to the charity!

If you wish to donate - head over to the page now

Welcome to Cycle2Fitness

Welcome to my new blog...

The purpose of the blog is to document what I get up to on my journey to discover a new hobby - road cycling...

I am expecting to be building my fitness along the way and intend to take part in some charity bike rides - all of which will be published on my blog/twitter.

I am new to the sport and look forward to gaining some advice and putting a record of my experiences online to help others who may be beginning to start or feel lost...

If you want to follow my blog then please enter your email address on the left and subscribe - I promise your email is safe and will not be passed on to anyone else.

Anyway - stay safe and happy cycling!